Weibo crashes after Chinese popstar announces new girlfriend - CNET

Chinese popstar Luhan crashes Weibo, China's TwitterAll it took was one post from this celeb to send Weibo's servers crashing for hours. A popstar's new girlfriend, apparently.Luhan, a popular Chinese singer once part of Chinese-Korean pop band EXO, on Sunday made a post to Weibo introducing the world to his new girlfriend. After nearly four hours, service resumed at 4 p.m.Weibo works similarly to Twitter, and has 340 million users -- which is about 10 million more than Twitter.  Luhan's post has garnered over 5 million likes at the time of writing. Luhan's stardom isn't to be underestimated: even Matt Damon is impressed. Chinese internet users took to the platform (mostly) to voice their displeasure, with some criticising his choice and saying she's "fake." Many also suspected the post is a marketing ploy to generate interest in a new drama the couple has filmed.

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