Hawaii tennis camp is paradise

Chang remains the youngest male player to ever win a grand slam.Thomas Ross, who helped coordinate the camp lineup, chose the tennis talent "based not just on their extraordinary collection of resumes, but for the ease of which they would put the guests with their endearing personalities, humility and warmth." Ross is co-director of the China Open tournament and a former senior leader at Octagon sports agency.The Hualalai Tennis Club has eight Rebound Ace surface courts (the same surface as the courts at the Australian Open).It is here that I should mention how bad I am at playing tennis, love it though I do. They went on to discuss the younger players on the tour, top players' strengths and weaknesses, the relentlessness of being on the tour, the constant traveling, the effect of intelligence on play and more.After the talk was over, the real campers and the rest of the crew took their leave, leaving me alone and depressed. "Judging by the feedback, including the enjoyment and inspiration from the participants (and the talent!), and the friendships that were made amongst all, I think we'll be back to do it again next year!," Ross said via email.Though the team at the Four Seasons Hualalai expects to repeat the camp in 2018, no details are available. But there are camps and pro experiences all over the world throughout the year.Before he walked off to get ready for dinner, I grabbed Wertheim and asked him the most dramatic venue for any of the tournaments on the tour, "You know, I think Hualalai needs a Grand Slam event.

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