Our shelter in the storm was a Ritz

Our shelter in the storm was a Ritz: Travel WeeklyI've never been one to go somewhere to sit on a deck chair with my feet in the sand. Years ago, as she suffered through the early stages of a divorce, a dear friend told me, "If you're ever in real trouble, check into the nearest Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons." I wish I could say that my father gave me that advice, but he never stayed at either brand, and if he had, he would have sued after discovering what he was being charged for breakfast.We decided we couldn't make it out of Florida because the roads would be clogged. Would we come home to find our private and professional lives under water?The Ritz was welcoming, and we found an eclectic group of fellow escapees, mainly families. Then I sat down with a family of landscapers who had gone to a local shelter, couldn't stand it, and negotiated with an uncle to borrow enough for two nights at the Ritz with their 11-month-old baby.Back in our room, the news wasn't good.

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