Bob Harper: I'm not going to be Superman anymore

Bob Harper: I'm not going to be Superman anymoreBob Harper wants everyone to be educated about the importance of heart health.The "Biggest Loser" host and trainer is raising awareness just two months after experiencing a near fatal heart attack. He says the incident dramatically changed his life."I think the biggest change for me is that I am learning to slow down and that's really hard for me," Harper recently told CBS News. In the film, world-renowned physicians explore essential ways to decrease heart disease on a worldwide scale. The physicians featured in the documentary educate adults on how basic lifestyle changes can help fight heart disease. The number of people dying from heart disease is only going to keep growing and that's why Dr. Fuster is attacking it head on."Harper, who is still undergoing rehab since the heart attack, says he's found other ways to relieve stress and stay fit without overdoing it on his workouts."The doctors are telling me that I don't need to go in the gym and try to be Superman anymore.

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