Viewpoints: Nursing Homes And Hurricanes; Winning The War On Drugs

Miami Herald: Protect Nursing Home Residents, Not Bad Facilities When they get together in Tallahassee on Friday, the members of Florida’s nursing-home industry can either circle the wagons or lay the groundwork to take a deep, honest look at how best to confront the one the worst tragedies the industry seen. (9/22) USA Today: In Hurricane Irma, Why Did Nursing Home Patients Have To Die? The deaths have set off the predictable round of finger-pointing among the nursing home, the electric utility, state agencies and the governor over responsibility for decisions and ineptitude that turned deadly. And no one — not the federal government, not the state and not the county — required the facility to have an emergency generator dedicated to keeping fragile residents cool in a state that regularly experiences hurricanes, flooding and sweltering heat. As a result, most approval letters require phase 4 studies to address issues such as optimal dosing, potential long-term side effects, and use in children or to confirm the clinical benefit of drugs that receive conditional approval on the basis of preliminary evidence. (Eric Zorn, 9/21) The New England Journal Of Medicine: A Nicotine-Focused Framework For Public Health With the tools provided to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009, the agency has taken consequential steps to prevent sales of tobacco products to children, expand the science base for understanding traditional and newer tobacco products, and conduct public education campaigns.

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